About Us

CCOMM are a one-stop-shop for creating innovative workspaces that people genuinely want to use; from design and concept creation, building and installation, to maintenance and analysis.

End-to-end quality

With decades of expertise delivering turn-key solutions for high-end clients around the world, we’ve developed expertise in every element that comprises the best end user experience.

We are certified for frameworks in Quality Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems to enhance customer satisfaction and achieve continual improvement for each and every project.

We’re driven by a passion for the user experience and a central ethos:

Do it once. Do it right.

Thought leaders in the AV industry for 30 years

CCOMM saw the need for a simpler solution to the over-complicated world of AV integration. We pioneered Urben Technologies, a separate company entirely dedicated to all-in-one video conferencing solutions that can be rolled out in a matter of minutes. 

It’s the simplest way to standardise meeting room solutions across global offices - and it all started with CCOMM thinking “there has got to be a better way...”