Workplace Trends

As workplaces change rapidly, it’s more important than ever to meet flexible working styles and ensure physical/virtual environments are as productive as possible.

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Business Transformation

Today is a challenging time for global companies; multiple countries, many different offices, and new sites being added constantly, all balanced with the growing demand to standardise and be consistent across the company.
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Hybrid Workspaces

A wide variety of market-leading enterprises are racing to develop balanced and flexible work settings that can meet the needs of the rising hybrid workplace.
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Multifunctional Meeting Places

Across CCOMM’s range of customers, we’re seeing a drive towards creating environments that allow their people to choose where they want to focus and collaborate.
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Meeting Room and Desk Solutions

The trend towards the full convergence of enterprise meeting room solutions with the desk-based work environment, both local and remote, is fast becoming the norm in a growing number of our global corporate clients.
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