Meeting Rooms

Big or small, we cover them all.

User experience at the heart

We can integrate the latest technology across all types of meeting spaces, from modern huddle rooms and collaborative breakout spaces, to traditional boardrooms and executive-style meeting rooms.

We design meeting spaces with a user-first mentality, creating environments that users truly want to use.

Empowering experiences

Across businesses, people need to meet and collaborate in real-time working environments. The ability to access and share multiple information sources on-demand is essential to make critical decisions confidently.

Unified Comms and AV technology is not an afterthought to design at CCOMM.

We embed leading-edge technology that empowers staff and drives productivity.

Optional 24/7 support from our Managed Services team behind the scenes ensures your business keeps running at the speed it should; minimal downtime, maximum efficiency.

Easy transformation

Meetings between just three to four people represent 75% of all meetings... CCOMM can help you transform unused large meeting spaces into multiple collaborative environments.

Huddle spaces maximise office space, encourage more active participation from meeting attendees, and operate as flexible environments for creative thinking.

Whether you are looking for instant huddle spaces that can be installed in 30 mins, or a full environment transformation, we can design meeting rooms that offer a variety of ways to bring people together and share information.

Benefits include:

  • User experienced led
  • Specialist room design
  • No building work required
  • 24/7 support

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