Operations Centres

Every crucial detail in high definition

A holistic approach

Real-time operations centres and mission control rooms bring together world-class technology, innovative design and 24x7 support. There is no room for downtime.

Our operations centres are second to none. They are designed as one; whatever the data you need to display.

We fully integrate engineering with ergonomics and equipment to ensure you get a bespoke turn-key solution that caters to every mission-critical need.

Use existing spaces

CCOMM is uniquely able to bring operations centres to any environment without the need for disruptive building work or total re-designs.

As creators of Urben, CCOMM are able to design media wall solutions that can be installed anywhere - against unsupported walls, glass or in listed buildings.

Technology you can trust

To minimise disruption, CCOMM can pre-build technical solutions off-site to be witness-tested prior to installation. Not only does this ensure rigorous testing of all hardware and software combinations, but speeds up the installation process on the customer site.

Benefits include:

  • Mission critical detail
  • Specialist room design
  • No building work required
  • Tried and tested approach

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