Training Areas

Learning with no limits

Optimise learning

Training areas are highly immersive environments that optimise learning, concentration and interaction for large groups.

Whether you’re looking to launch new products, onboard new employees at pace, or improve virtual training, CCOMM training environments are built to your requirements - however large the class.

We are experts in specialist room design.

Combined with our history creating leading-edge technology solutions for global companies, CCOMM are uniquely placed to create a bespoke environment that unleashes the efficiency of your training programmes.

Virtual training

The right training facilities help businesses promote meaningful discussions and deliver inspiring presentations.

A CCOMM training suite helps you do both - whether in-person or virtually.

Advances in LED virtual production enable businesses to create maximum-impact presentations that represent your brand professionally and impressively.

Dedicated training suites can help you interact and share information across multiple locations in real time.

These environments are not just for internal use - they can help transform your communications and presentations to customers.

No building work required

Short on space or time?  If you’re looking to roll out a virtual training solution quickly with no construction work, CCOMM offer free-standing eLearning solutions that can be installed anywhere.

Fully modular and customisable, solutions that leverage a combination of participant and data screens, in an all-in-one Urben frame that can be pre-built to your specifications.

It’s the easiest and fastest way to embrace virtual teaching, and provides a low-stress solution for eLearning.

Benefits include:

  • Optimised learning environments
  • Specialist room design
  • Virtual training
  • Fast, custom rollout

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