"We’ve trusted CCOMM for over five years now. It was important for us to have a one-stop-shop for the full project to ensure every aspect could be managed simply and effectively."


Immersive visualisation environments, distance learning suites, reception areas, operations rooms, incident management team rooms, executive meeting rooms….you name it, we’ve built it for this oil and gas giant.


  • Design and build specialist environments for EMEA and US headquarters.
  • Create flexible and immersive environments that could be used to bolster internal training programmes or host customer events.


  • Highly Immersive Visualisation environments (HIVEs) New York and Chicago offices.
  • Advanced Collaborative Environments (ACEs) for the UK HQ
  • 10 “Specialist” rooms for the new Egyptian HQ.


  • State-of-the-art collaboration.
  • Greater ability to deliver to end customers and maintain safety standards.
  • Local support service.
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