Multi-functional meeting places

Focus and collaborate.

Flexible spaces

Across CCOMM’s range of customers, we’re seeing a drive towards creating environments that allow their people to choose where they want to focus and collaborate.

Shifting work styles

The big question is in trying to work out where technology is going to take them - not just about increasing agility. Technology, banking, financial services, pharmaceuticals… all are looking to grow without taking on more real estate. It’s leading to a significant shift in work styles; offices designed around more lifestyle-oriented themes, featuring a retail or café experience.

Tech for all spaces

Having access to a range of meeting spaces with integrated technology that is simple and intuitive to use is an essential next step for any “back to the office” initiative. It could take the form of huddle rooms, firepit-style video spaces, and both small and medium size meeting areas.

Getting stuff done and ensuring the right decisions can made as efficiently as possible, are the mantras companies are looking to embrace.

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